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BitTorrent client
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uTorrent is one of the P2P software that lets you download .torrent bertype files, games, digital books (ebook) and more. You must install a torrent client on a computer like (utorrent) in order to download a torrent file. Installing a torrent client can be done quickly and easily.

uTorrent Full Review

1. Your software for downloading files

uTorrent has many options like some other torrent download clients, such as adjusting sharing speed and timeout, but has other distinct features.By using uTorrent any content can be search within the program without having to search it outside, by browsing, and importing links. You have the possibility of select a vurtual object by "grabbing" it and dragging it to a differnet location.  It has proven to be a very good and convenient solution.

2. Fast and moderate number of options

uTorrent is an efficient and feature rich torrent client that is extremely lightweight and small in size.uTorrent is designed as a simple and transparent client, so you will not have all the options that its competitors offer, This has led to even greater success in the Torrent market. A broadly compatible Torrent client is one of the most popular clients in the world.However, for active users, a high quality torrent client is simply necessary. With it, you can not only easily download different files, but also easily get to distribute content. Though millions of people use it across the globe, the number and diversity of the available files are enormous.

3. Supports streaming  

The program's special popularity owes sheriffs of music, movies and games, video files. It can be downloaded free of charge, but it also includes advertisements. This is a very easy and simple application to use. Also, it is quickly, easily downloaded, installed and used, which makes it especially suitable for those users who have no previous experience with using torrents. Developed with the idea of taking up very little computer resource and taking up very little space while providing opportunities that are expected from any professional torrent client. The search and user interface can be customized according to user requirements, and it is especially easy to find what you are interested in. uTorrent is compatible with a large number of operating systems. In addition to all this, it is also available in 67 languages.

4. The more important features it offers are:

- Simultaneous download of more than one task. - smart network resource management. - priority download. - the ability to manage the speed limit globally or individually for a given task. - Quick recovery of broken connection. - UPnP support (WinXP only) - Supports all advanced protocols. - Apps for μTorrent. Boss key - a key combination that is indicated by the user, which hides the client even from the system.


In the end, we can freely say that μTorrent is convincingly the best torrent for downloading torrent files. We highly recommend it to anyone who deals with this type of file sharing.


BitTorrent client
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